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What is eWorks ?

eWorks is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (or CMMS) developed to ease the task of maintenance personnel  

Stop wasting time with spreadsheets, whiteboards, memo pads. Switch to eWorks CMMS – the right CMMS to put an end to your maintenance headaches, improve the efficiency and life span  of equipment.

Tryout the eWORKS Computerised Maintenance Management System for yourself without any limitations

One CMMS, Many Features

main_dashbordMain Dashboard

Is the landing page with all indicators at a glance. This helps the Administrators and users to monitor the performance of the system

asset_registerAsset Management

The page indicates all Assets showing: Specifications, Maintenance Activities, History, Readings, Spare Parts, Documents, Movements and much more..

all_work_orders    Job Orders

Keeps a track of all raised job orders, completed and pending with spare parts requirements. Safety notes and special instructions etc.

pm_by_weekPreventive Maintenance

Is used to reduce unplanned breakdowns with time based and usage based scheduling of equipment’s. The system tracks these schedules automatically

kpi_statisticsPerformance Indicators

All Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of the equipment’s are displayed for making decisions and policy making


The Sustainability module keeps a track of all energies consumed and compares against a given benchmark and measure Carbon Foot Print.

Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device

Whether you are at the Office or on the move with your busy schedule, the eWORKS keeps you updated with all required information of breakdowns and repair activities and inventory needs.

This keeps you ahead of others for making effective management decisions of equipment with proven maintenance procedures captured with the eWORKS.



Manufacturing CMMS – eWORKS

The eWorks  is designed to increase the efficiency of production machinery with proper maintenance activities. This tracks and accumulate all breakdowns and maintenance data helping to implement Predictive maintenance procedures.


Fleet Management – eFLEET

The eFleet is for tracking all service and maintenance data of vehicle fleets. This helps to reduce all unforeseen breakdowns of vehicles, improve Cost Tracking, Fuel Tracking, Repair Tracking, Tire Management and Work Order management

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