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The eWORKS Solution

The eWorks CMMS  is designed with the experiences gained in Military, Production and Hospitality industries.  In addition, the software package pays more attention and focus to Sustainability management while managing the core maintenance activities.

The client has three options to choose eWorks Lite, eWorks Pro or eWorks Enterprise. The latter versions are loaded with Sustainability Management.

The eWorks Lite is for small installations, while Pro is suitable for Large installations. The Enterprise version is ideal for multiple installations with central monitoring feature.

The software modules include very simple Work order software, Preventive maintenance,  Asset management, Sustainability with (KPI’s) Key performance indicators. These modules are used to document and manage all aspects of maintenance operations.


The eWorks – CMMS is developed taking in to consideration of most practical issues, limitations and user specific requirements. Unlike the “ready to use” boxed products – where customization is a practically impossible.

All these CMMS solutions and user accounts are hosted using Cloud storage technology. This is a model of data storage in which the digital data is stored in logical pools on the internet. The physical storage spans multiple highly ranked reliable servers.

Our Cloud servers are located in USA / Singapore with high up-time and reliability of 100% and high redundancy factors and security of all stored data.


Tryout the eWORKS Computerised Maintenance Management System for yourself without any limitations


Efficiency  & Sustainability

The eWorks does not make operational staff  “glued” behind the computers. It makes more productive by using  SMS (Short Message Service)* to notify the MT personnel arrival of new jobs, notification of assignment to Technicians and notify the originator once the job is completed.

This make the system more efficient and sustainable with minimum use of paper and resources.

The eWorks as all the features you need to move the maintenance forward.

Features of eWorks CMMS

External Work Requests

Maintenance teams generally receives  work request from people of the cluster they work with. Sometimes this could come from outsides as well. These can be requests from an machine operator who is hearing a strange noise from an machinery or a tenant at an apartment building who is requesting repairs. The eWorks records these these requests and keeps tracking them until their completion.

Recording Asset History

Generally maintenance teams have to care of assets aged over 10, 15, or 30 years. These equipment’s may have a long history of repairs and recurring multiple issues. When a problem arises, it is always useful to see what and how this problem was solved last time. The eWorks records in the machine’s history log and can be viewed over again and again by workers or could be printed for record purposes.

Audits and Certifications

The asset’s maintenance history can be easily audited since eWorks systems keep an unchangeable record of every action performed. Including (NCR’s) Non-Confirmations. This is very useful feature in case of an accident,  insurance claim, quality inspection where an inspector can verify if the proper maintenance was completed on a machine. The eWorks keeps data in a centralized system. Only one version of the truth for ISO, EMS, EnMS, HACCP and other certifications are maintained

Tracking of Equipment

With the captured data through work requests, maintenance managers can select equipment with a problem, describe the problem, and assign a specific technician to do the work. When the machine is fixed, the responsible technician marks the work-order “complete” and the manager gets notified that the work is done

Managing Inventory

In general,the maintenance teams needs to store and manage an inventory that include spare parts for machines and essential supplies like oil and grease. eWorks Inventory module*  (optional) allows the team see how many items are in storage, how many were used in repairs, and when new ones need to be ordered. Managing inventory helps control inventory related costs.

Scheduling Tasks

When a team starts to scheduling Preventive maintenance, they need a reliable work calendar. The eWorks especially good at scheduling recurring work and sending reminders to the right people and maintenance teams in advance. Therefore, the tasks do not get forgotten.



eWORKS ProeWORKS Enterprise
Asset ManagementX (500 items)X (1000 items)X (5000 items)
Work Order ManagementXXX
Preventive MaintenanceXXX
Work Orders StatisticsXXX
Maintenance KPI’sXXX
Multiple Sites Monitoring*   X
EnPI Indicarors  X
Sustainability Reports XX
Inventory Management XX
SMS Notifications®* XX
User Authority LevelsXXX
Reports (Pre-defined)**XXX
Assessment and Training***XXX
User Accounts71550

How can eWorks CMMS help you out?

eWorks CMMS can help you by taking the stress out of maintenance management.

The  eWORKS digital platform gives you a simple and effective tool to monitor everything that’s maintenance related and keep you in control.

A direct and measurable saving with well-maintained equipment leads to fewer breakdowns and also lower repair and replacement costs.

With proper inspections and scheduled maintenance, equipment’s work more efficiently with reduced breakdowns with increased availability.

From requests, historical data to current jobs, all data of work carried out on equipment and in every detail is recorded for fast and accurate monitoring

The data for analytic purposes are readily available with the vast amount of equipment information stored against each asset which makes creating maintenance policies as required.

The comprehensive inventory management allows stock levels to be monitored, purchased and replaced on time, eliminating wait times on critical spares improving machine availability.

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