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What is a Computerized Maintenance Management System?

A CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, is software package designed to streamline maintenance management. All your maintenance data will be stored on a computer making it much easier to keep track of maintenance operations. The CMMS software is specifically designed to help facilitate maintenance requirements. A CMMS can help track and manage all needed maintenance in terms of prioritizing tasks and gathering necessary information for maintenance technicians to perform work. Finally, the word ‘system’ pulls together all the features and capabilities you can expect from a CMMS.

A CMMS empowers organizations by streamlining work order management, optimizing preventive maintenance tasks, generating valuable reports, and much more. Read more about what a CMMS is.

Who should use Maintenance Software..

Companies of all sizes in different sectors can benefit from maintenance software whether they have a maintenance team of ten or hundred. The CMMS is typically administered by the maintenance manager and engineer(s) of organizations with the assistance of technicians, operators.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (or CMMS) is a software that helps Maintenance teams to keep a records of all assets they are responsible for, schedule and track maintenance tasks, while maintaining a tab on the breakdowns and keep a historical record of work they perform.

Maintenance software is a vital tool and used by the senior management team to monitor the status of maintenance, generate reports, roll up maintenance costs to financial reporting systems, track incidents, measure productivity and ensure compliance with government and other regulations that are needed for a efficient and sustainable operation.

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Advantages of Maintenance Software

Work Order Management

Maintenance management software eliminates paper and lets you easily keep track of work orders, right in the system. You can access past work orders for any asset to see what work has previously been done.

Repair Things Quicker

Maintenance software keeps track of how asset issues were solved in the past. When a breakdown occurs, you can instantly see how the problem was fixed the last time.

Parts Inventory Management

Maintenance management software automatically tracks parts, so you can manage suppliers and vendors, optimize inventory levels, and control inventory costs. You can also set up your system to notify specific users and suppliers to start re-ordering if and when stock falls below a set minimum.

Define New Maintenance Strategies

You can use the data tracked in your maintenance management software to generate reports and spot trends over time. These reports show you which equipment is problematic, whether your team is under performing, and potential areas for cost savings

Control Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance management software automatically alerts maintenance teams when planned maintenance is due. This makes it easy to complete pre-scheduled tasks and stay on top of preventive maintenance.

Better Scheduling

In maintenance, there is a certain amount of work to be done and only so many hours to do it in. Getting work done often depends on the skill of the maintenance manager in scheduling their team’s time. Maintenance software shows upcoming making tasks in advance, which helps create bette

Keep Assets Functioning

Ensure equipment availability
Boost production
Drive product quality
Extend asset life

Control Costs

Contain and reduce maintenance costs
Reduce parts and spares
Manage warranty costs

Make Safe and Efficient Workplace

Establish procedures
Manage and track incidents
Verify and track compliance
Manage documents and permits.

Manage People and Processes

Get organized
Schedule labor force
Boost worker productivity
Report to management
Manage vendors



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